Thursday, August 8, 2013

How Shopping at Walmart is Saving Me Time and Money (and Making My Life Easier)

Let me begin by saying that shopping at Walmart is one of my least favorite activities.  I hate the crowds and the store is just so big.  However, shopping at is another story.  About 6 months ago, I began trading my Swagbucks for Walmart gift e-cards.  I used those funds to buy toiletries, paper goods, first-aid, and cleaning supplies.  My purchases were always between $45 and $50, scoring me free shipping.  Within about a week, all of my items arrive at my front door (often in multiple boxes over a few days).

Since then, my grocery list has expanded to include non-perishable food items , baking supplies, and dry beverages.  Items such as sugar and flour are shipped in plastic bags, as are any other liquid products that might spill.  My last purchase included:  coffee, gluten free pasta, a gluten free cake mix, toilet paper, bandaids, neosporin, sugar, tea bags, garlic powder, black pepper, olive oil, and more.  Next month, my goal is to purchase as many of the non-perishable items on my grocery list as possible.

When I grocery shopped on Monday, I was able to keep along the perimeter of the store.  My grocery trip was cut in half and because I didn't venture along the aisles, there were no impulse purchases.  Not only did I stay within budget, I had money left over (which is going into savings).  In addition, by using my Walmart e-card (thank you Swagbucks), I saved an additional $50 off of my groceries.

There are some things that I will still look to stockpile when they hit that rock bottom sale every 10-12 weeks.  For those items, I will keep a little money on reserve.  But for now, I think I have found a new method of grocery shopping that works for us.

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